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Managing your Condo, Strata, or HOA isn’t easy. We developed a community website that makes your day to day easier. We made the simple things even simpler.

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    Our Advanced Features

    Board Only Library

    Not only do we have a library for residents to quickly access documents like Forms, By-Laws, and Rules & Regulations; but we have a Board only library that only assigned members can see. A central repository for your condo, despite any turn over.

    Service Requests

    Easy to use form for all residents and administrators. Communicate quickly and efficiently with real time email notifications to both parties. Bring your customer service to the next level.

    Community News

    This is your go-to tool to notify all residents for any and all information. You don’t need to be a tech genius to use our simple bulletin style form. Instantly send out email notifications keeping your residents in the loop at all times.

    Amenity Bookings

    Empower your residents to book their amenities on their time, 24/7. Easily manage all bookings with our notifications and/or our auto approve feature. test test test test test test

    Real Time Email Notifications

    There isn’t anything your new website won’t send out email notifications for. Whether it’s new Documents, Service Request updates, Amenity Booking confirmations, Parcel deliveries, your residents will be in the know.

    Unit Administration

    Managers can quickly update any unit information in our easy to use form. Resetting passwords, updating phone numbers, to adding tenants or additional owners, was designed to make the most nontechnical savvy person’s job easier.

    Parcel Tracking

    Receive package. Enter data. Resident notified. It’s that simple. Pick up package. Confirm Identity. Cleared. Can it get any easier?

    Accounting Integration

    If your Property Management company is partnered with Shiftsuite’s accounting platform; this is where your residents can witness true power. Limit all the phone calls, door knocks, and emails to your property manager by showing them their Ledger in real time; no more balance inquiries. Residents can update their information and it will automatically sync the accounting software; having a true up-to-date owner register can’t get any easier.

    Discussion Forum

    Often used to improve customer service to your residents. Hear what they really have to say; but more importantly, address them and show your value. Use it for general discussions, votes or opinions, the possibilities are endless.

    User Profiles

    Accidentally copy and pasted the wrong resident phone number in your Excel sheet? Avoid these time consuming administration tasks and empower your residents to give you the correct information.

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