Looks like you have questions...Great, we like inquisitive people

Feel free to run through these frequently asked questions. If you still have more, please reach out to us directly.

    1Where is my site and data located?
    Your data and site all exist here in Canada. We are set in a Tier 3 Datacenter that provides fault tolerance at many levels.
    2Do I need to back up any data?
    Leave all the tech stuff to us. We are managed by D-Tech Consulting, our sister company, and they ensure daily backups with enterprise grade solutions, including disaster recovery.
    1What if I don’t want our Owners to see their Ledger?
    We can disable this function as you see fit, however, we highly recommend keeping in place as it streamlines many of the property managements day to day operations.
    2How many different templates do I get to choose from?
    Our implementation team will provide 2 options; with a banner image, and without a banner image. The menu structure and colour themes; our team will try out best to match your company brand, but you will always have input at this stage.
    3How are individual Usernames and Passwords assigned?
    Every owner will get their own username as we launch each site. Through Shiftsuite’s Console, you can produce and email an owner welcome letters with a couple of clicks.
    4How do I reset passwords or update information?
    All administration of the website is covered during our Training Session. Our extensive Knowledge Base and Video Tutorial section of your Login Portal will also have information on this, as a refresher at any time.
    5My condo board wants more features, where do I start?
    We provide many more features available through our Upgrade Path. Email [email protected] and one of our reps will be happy to chat with you and schedule a demo if required.
    6How do I change the top banner image?
    Provide a high resolution image to with dimensions of 980px (width) x 155px (height). Send this to [email protected] along with your corporation # and we can have it uploaded in no time.
    7Can I add additional pages, such as a Frequently Asked Questions page?
    Absolutely, simply email [email protected] with your request, along with your Q&A’s, and we’ll have it setup quickly. At any point, you too as an Administrator, can add/modify/delete any questions or answers; all of which is covered during your training.
    1How many Amenities am I allowed to have?
    There are no limits to the number of amenities.
    2Can I have more than one Document Library?
    Yes, we can have multiple instances of any document repository. We have a more secure Board Member Document Library to separate owner and board documents.
    3How many Visitor Parking spots can I have?
    As many as the corporation requires. During the setup with our implementation team, we work with you on these types of settings.
    4Can I embed YouTube or Vimeo vidoes?
    Absolutely, our support team can help you with this if you ever get stuck.
    5Can I restrict certain functions to only my Concierge?
    Yes, this is quite common for Package Deliveries. We’re able to only enable it for “Concierge” users and won’t be visible by any Owner.
    6Can I remove functions at a later time if we feel we don’t want them?
    Yes, simply email [email protected] and we’ll have it quickly removed for you.
    7How are individual Usernames and Passwords assigned?
    Our implementation team will provide you with the owner community website letters at an agreed time. We work with you on this to match the brand of the corporation.
    8Can users change their default assigned Username and Password?
    Yes. Upon first login, they will be prompted to change their username and password.
    9Can I integrate my Blog or any other website with our new community website?
    We can setup a separate menu or page and have it link to any external website.

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