No other Canadian condominium software provider has more condo property management companies using their platform. Over 50% of ACMO 2000 management companies use one or more services of Shiftsuite.

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We were one of the founding condo community website providers in Ontario, and proud to be and the only one still in existence. In fact we are thriving; the wealth of condo knowledge is unmatched and serves our clients in unparalleled fashion.

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OVER 1,300

That's right,..1,300. This represents approximately 25% of the Ontario condo market. We have built a platform that is not only afordable but most importantly supported by all levels of condominium management companies and their staff.

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With our tight client relationships and years or experience, we've managed to build a perfect balance of functionality, pricing, service and features. This balance makes getting your community website, or partnerships with us, an easy decision. We've designed this business tool to be what a condo community website should be, nothing more, nothing less

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Industry Innovators

Shiftsuite is Canada's largest condo property management software provider. We have more management companies using our product, more condo communities than any other company, and more managers using our community website than other competitors
Over 50% of ACMO 2000 management companies use one or more elements of Shiftsuite. Community websites is just part of what we do.

It all started back in 2002, when we launched our Nexus Online Communities product as a "condo intranet". We offered a similar set of features and even kiosks and digital signage. Fast forward more than ten years and we can be seen as industry trailblazers. With our many years innovating the condo industry, we understand that there must be balance in engagement, support, pricing, features and functionality. This combination has vaulted us to the top and we are here to stay.


To provide solutions to help evolve the condominium industry

Since 2002 we have created products and solutions that have proven to lead and change the industry. From our Nexus Community website, to CONDUIT for electronic status certificates, and now as Shiftsuite, we have helped evolve the technology in the condo industry more than any other company .

Based in Toronto, the mecca of Condominiums in all of Canada, we are proud of our impact in the nation's biggest condominium core. We look to challenge status quo through technology and sound business practices. If you aren't evolving you are slowing dying.

Technology has to be invented or adopted



Experience, innovation, and ‘super vision’ are traits key to Malvern’s success, it’s therefore very important that we have a partner that embodies the same, and the team at Shiftsuite certainly do. We’ve been doing business with them since 2002 and business has never been better

Bill Thompson - President - Malvern Condominium Property Management


We chose Shiftsuite’s Community Website platform for its user-friendly look and feel, and because it simply offered excellent value for the Condo Corporation

Sarah Clarke - Board Secretary - The St. Clair


Better service, little or no cost, it's proven to be a no-brainer.

Dean McCabe - President - Meritus Group Management Limited